Mosmiles Heath Application


The MOSmiles mobile application helps improve treatment outcomes among people with life long illness such as HIV and other Non-Communicable Diseases. This application offers treatment reminders, clinic appointment reminders, stories from people living with similar conditions, fun facts and health tips, among others.

This application is client centered and it is the client who decides exactly what they want from the application. It was developed by GMT Consults Limited and is very secure and safe for use. It is currently on Google Play store as MOSmiles app for android users and will soon be on Apple store.

The application also has a health worker interface from which someone registered as a health worker can sign in and monitor clients registered under their health facility. This helps them do timely follow ups and offer guidance in the chat rooms in case any of the clients has queries.

Application users will be able to access referral directories for different services as well as rate the health facilities from which services have been received.